Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training

Have you ever thought about learning how to hypnotize yourself or others—to affect a change in someone’s life in a profound and amazing way? Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training can do this for you and can teach you things about the mind that you never thought were possible. The mind is an amazing thing and can respond to autosuggestion or to the suggestions of others without resorting to drugs or harsh techniques.

You can take hypnosis/hypnotherapy training through community education classes, through a hypnotherapy center or through an online course. You can take a week long seminar or do several hours of training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy using a CD course provided online. Such courses can teach you about hypnotic induction and about giving suggestions to the individual being hypnotized.

For example, hypnosis or hypnotherapy training can teach you how to deal with medical hypnosis. Hypnotherapy training teaches you how to deal with conditions like chronic and acute pain, weight loss, anxiety, smoking cessation and phobias. You’ll learn that chronic and acute pain is managed through suggestions related to pain such as “you will no longer feel this pain” or “The pain is blunted and you can barely feel it” or “You can handle any kind of pain”. This can cause the client undergoing hypnosis to have sudden and remarkable changes in the way they perceive pain.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy training can also help you learn how to hypnotize yourself in a form of hypnosis called self hypnosis. This is when you go through your own visualization exercises until you are in a deeply relaxed and peaceful state of mind. You then give yourself suggestions such as those related to self esteem. Such suggestions might be “I am a beautiful and thoughtful person” or “I am an intelligent and capable person” or “I am completely lovable.” You will learn to infiltrate these things into your everyday thinking and will feel better about yourself.

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