Getting your Hypnotherapy Certification in United States

Thinking about getting your hypnotherapy certification? United States programs abound and there are both online and seminar-based programs for you to take. The end result of taking the programs is that you will be able to say you’re certified in hypnotherapy by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the NEIH. You will be able to hang out your shingle and begin a hypnotherapy practice (except in Indiana where you need to be licensed).

Have you thought about the type of program you want to undertake in hypnotherapy certification? In United States, you have the choice of a CD-based and workbook based program offered on line or through accredited distance learning. You also have the choice of going to a several day seminar, after which you will be able to receive your certification in hypnotherapy. It is an honor that takes time and energy and skill to achieve.

When you’ve decided to get your hypnotherapy certification, United States programs can be accessed through the Internet. You can sign up at a cost of between $500 and $1000 or more, depending on the length of the course and the amount of travel time allotted. You’ll learn the business aspect of being a hypnotherapist such as setting up your office, billing clients, paperwork and documentation. You’ll learn whether or not you should need an assistant and when that should take place.

You’ll also learn a great deal about how to hypnotize people. When getting your hypnotherapy certification in United States, you’ll learn about chronic pain patients and dealing with clients who are worried about the pain of childbirth. You’ll learn how to hypnotize these people and help them learn to subconsciously lessen the pain and cope with it better. You’ll deal with clients who have smoking addiction and want help to stop smoking. The hypnotherapy certification will help teach you all of that.

You will, in addition, learn how to deal with anxiety disorders, phobias, and stress reduction. During your hypnotherapy certification in the United States, the instructors will teach you how to hypnotize an anxious or phobic individual and how to get them to reduce their fears and phobias in a non-drug way and so that they can have better lives. Being a hypnotherapist can be really rewarding and you can actually change a person’s life through getting a hypnotherapy certification.

United States law does not address the issue of licensure for hypnotherapists. It is only in Indiana where licensure is required. You can open a practice with your certification certificate and can begin to practice hypnotherapy right away.

You will also learn how to treat patients with weight loss issues. You will learn how to put them in a calm, peaceful, susceptible state that can make them amenable to treatment through hypnotherapy. In that way, they can begin to shun food and can begin to drop the pounds without the use of any drugs or special programs. In fact there are several conditions addressed in hypnotherapy courses that will make you feel very skilled at all aspects of hypnotherapy.


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