Purchasing a Hypnosis Mp3

If you’ve ever wanted to have a personalized visit with a hypnotherapist to discuss your specific issues, you need only to go online and find a site that cells customized hypnosis mp3 tapes.  You basically answer a few questions about yourself and your needs and the company creates a hypnosis mp3 that has suggestions specifically designed for you. What can be more perfect?

Hypnosis has gotten very popular as has the Internet.    What a perfect way to marry the two with companies offering hypnosis through a hypnosis CD?  They just send it to your email or set up a download for you to use with headphones on your computer or with an iPod.  Some offer soothing background music along with the induction portion of the hypnosis and finally the suggestions, tailored to you and your issues.  Lastly, the hypnosis mp3 helps you to wake up to full wakefulness.

For example, say you are frightened of spiders and you want to have your suggestions to be tailored specifically to that phobia.  You contact the hypnosis mp3 site and tell them that you are frightened of spiders and would like to stop.  They will take that information and create a hypnosis mp3 and will mail it to your email box.  You download it and listen to it.  It will say things like “You are no longer afraid of spiders” and “You have no fear of spiders” and “You are stronger and more powerful than a simple spider”.  Within one listening or perhaps a few listening, you will be less fearful of spiders and will relax when around a spider.

The question is whether a hypnosis mp3 is better than using a CD or a real hypnotherapist.  A hypnosis mp3 is probably more effective than a CD because it is more specific and is tailored to your needs.  Seeing a hypnotherapist who listens to your needs will probably be at least as effective and possibly more effective than listening to a hypnosis mp3.

Hypnosis mp3 tapes will also work for things like weight loss issues.  Say you want to lose weight but have an addiction to chocolate and sweets.  You may also have an addiction to fast food hamburgers.  You tell this to the online site and they will create for you a specific hypnosis mp3 that gives suggestions like “You do not like hamburgers anymore” or “You avoid sweets” and “chocolate does not taste good to you”.  This directly affects your brain and you soon find yourself avoiding sweets, chocolate and fast food places.  You may not even know why you no longer feel this way.  It is partly how hypnosis works.

If you have medical conditions, the hypnosis mp3 might be effective for you.  Tell the site what your problem is.  Say it is pain management for irritable bowel syndrome.  The site will create a hypnosis mp3 for you to download and will give suggestions like “I can handle any pain” or “the pain is blunted to me”.  Soon you will feel less pain in your stomach from the mp3 you purchased.

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