Hypnosis and hypnotherapy training continued

Part 2

Hypnosis/hypnotherapy training is also good for learning about phobias. There are people who are so phobic about things like heights, water or certain animals that they can’t function. If treated with medication, it is often very sedating and doesn’t help much anyway. If they undergo hypnosis, they will go through the induction process and be completely relaxed. They will be exposed to certain specific hypnotic suggestions such as “I am no longer afraid of water” or “I no longer fear heights” or “Spiders no longer bother me”. They can get rid of their phobia in as little as a single session of hypnotherapy.

There is hypnosis and hypnotherapy training that can result in a certification by the American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Such certification is intended to make you capable of seeing clients with a number of conditions, including ADHD an ADD. You learn how to set up a hypnotherapy office and learn how to bill and manage a client load. There are many things that go into creating a healing environment for your clients and the hypnotherapy certification training helps you with that.

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