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Hypnosis: Quit Smoking Orlando

If you’ve never tried hypnosis, quit smoking Orlando through hypnotherapy might be the dream solution you’ve been looking for. Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows that it can be a struggle. Many of the products and therapies designed to end nicotine habit don’t work nearly as well as advertised, and relapse is almost always a foregone conclusion. Nicotine replacement products, for example, tackle the main symptom of nicotine habit (smoking) but not the cause (addiction). As a result, most people who use these products relapse into their old habit within six months.

What makes hypnosis the best anti-smoking therapy?

I could go through every other type of mainstream anti-smoking therapy and point out similar flaws. The only treatment that really seems to work is hypnosis. Quit smoking Orlando with a trained and licensed hypnotherapist helps you take control of your own addiction, changing the unconscious patterns within your mind that keep you going back to cigarettes again and again.

The process is simpler than you may think. You’ll enter your hypnotherapist’s office and have a discussion about your concerns regarding smoking. After that, your therapist will bring you into a relaxed state where hypnosis becomes possible. Then comes the hypnosis itself, which is not a trance or an unconscious state. Rather, it’s a heightened state of awareness in which you become capable of changing your mental patterns. Under hypnosis, changes that typically take months now take just a few moments.

When you compare this with the nicotine patch, for example, the difference is huge. Quitting with the patch takes months and hundreds of dollars to achieve precarious results. Quitting with hypnosis takes just a few sessions and lasts forever.

How hypnosis quit smoking Orlando works

Many people who are not familiar with hypnotherapy assume that it operates my mysterious and possibly occult means, but in modern times hypnosis has been scientifically proven, and its method of operation is not so mysterious anymore.

Most of the time, we are slaves to our unconscious patterns of thought. In our waking lives, we live almost completely in the conscious realm, and we’re so caught up in our surface thoughts that there’s no way to get direct access to the underlying parts of the brain. Essentially, the conscious mind becomes a barrier obscuring the unconscious mind, and you can’t get through that barrier simply by ordinary thought.

There are a few ways to get through that barrier and into the subconscious mind. For example, meditation and other spiritual experiences can be effective for getting through and making deep, positive changes. But hypnotherapy is the quickest and most efficient way to get beyond conscious thought. When you’re in a hypnotized state, your entire mind is opened up and can be tweaked in any way that you see fit.

Of course, it takes some skill and experience to be able to have a successful hypnotherapy session. But that’s where your hypnosis quit smoking Orlando therapist comes in; he or she will guide you into that state of heightened consciousness and help you change your addictive patterns.

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