Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a particularly difficult task.  It can involve bad habits, food addictions and poor willpower.  While there are marginally effective drugs and weight loss programs available, there is also hypnosis for weight loss.  It can help you lose weight effectively without drugs or special programs.  You can even get to the point where weight loss is easy for you and you lose the weight quickly.

Hypnosis for weight loss is similar to hypnosis for any other kind of health issue.  The difference is in the patterns of suggestions given and in the depth that some of the suggestions need to get in order to affect change in your thinking, feeling and behavior.  Weight loss can be a complex sort of thing so that it may take more than one session to actually make weight loss and ingrained and easy thing.

Hypnosis for weight loss must touch on the subject of food addictions if they are present.  Once placed into a hypnotic trance where you are deeply and completely relaxed and peaceful, the suggestions are directed at food addictions like “I am not addicted to sweets” or “I have no desire for fatty foods again” or “I no longer need to consume fast food”.  This acts on the addictive portion of eating and can affect change in your behavior right away.

Hypnosis for weight loss must also be directed toward the behaviors involved in overeating and not exercising.  You can, in a different session, be exposed to certain hypnotic suggestions like “I will no longer want to snack before bedtime” or “I will stop eating when I am full” or “I will not eat junk food”.  This affects a change in behavior surrounding losing weight and can get further into the deeper issues around the idea of losing weight.

Hypnosis for weight loss can also be directed toward issues of self esteem and self image that can compound the problem of losing weight.  Self esteem is a big issue in weight loss with its subjects often feeling bad about their self image and feeling a poor self esteem.  In such cases, the person is put into a deep hypnotic trance and is given suggestions related to how they perceive and feel about themselves.  Such suggestions can be things liked “I am a thin person” or “I can learn to love myself” or “I am a powerful person with a strong self will.”  This can get at the deepest issues of weight loss and can affect the greatest amount of change in the person’s ability to actually lose weight.

One can use self hypnosis for weight loss when trying to lose weight or can see a hypnotherapist who understands the deep inner workings of the mind when it comes to weight loss.  When seeing a hypnotherapist, he will put you into a deep and profoundly relaxing trance and will give the statements he or she thinks will most affect change for you at the point you are at.  He or she may later change the suggestions to suit your weight loss needs.

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