Self Esteem Hypnosis CDs

There are many people, especially women, who struggle with low self esteem.  They don’t feel good about themselves and they can’t afford to spend money on a therapist to actually feel better about themselves.   This is where self esteem hypnosis CDs come in handy.  It can turn someone who is feeling lowly of themselves into someone with awesome self esteem and self passion.

Self esteem hypnosis CDs can be purchased on line or at a bookstore.  The CD will help you get into a deep and suggestible state of being by having you count backwards from ten or a hundred or will use visualization techniques to bring you down to where you feel very relaxed and comfortable—ready to hear the statements of positivity that will soon come from the faceless voice on the CD.

The self esteem hypnosis CD will then begin to address the real issue—that of a poor self esteem on the part of the individual listening to the CD.  The CD will probably say things like “I love myself” or “I care about myself” or “I am a good person.”  Such a CD can be really emotional and can cause you to cry or to exhibit strong emotions, even in a hypnotized state.

Self esteem hypnosis CDs can also address issues of depression in a person who listens to the CD.  The tape, by virtue of its statements, can help bring out the neurochemical called endorphin, which is the feel good hormone.  The statements will act on the deep recesses of the brain that are involved with depression and can change the serotonin levels or the norepinephrine levels, along with the endorphin levels and can directly affect feelings of depression, loneliness and poor self esteem.

Such statements from self esteem hypnosis CDs can include things like “I feel good about myself” or “I have value as a person” or “I am a happy person” which are things a depressed person struggles with.  When in a relaxed state, these statements are taken in by the person and transform the person into someone who can handle stress better, feels better about themselves and doesn’t have such depressive feelings they used to have.

Self esteem hypnosis CDs can be used in the workplace as a group activity.  An office full of employees can use a break room or large office and can listen to the tape together, maximizing everyone’s self esteem.  This can make a company operate better and function better as a group.  The manager can partake of such a CD as well and can encourage others to listen to it, raising the collective self esteem of the office.

Self esteem hypnosis CDs can also be used as a family.  A family can get together as a group in the living room and can lie down, listening to the voice on the tape and learning skills to increase their collective self esteem.  This can be used for children as young as five years old and can help a family get along better with better self esteem.


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