Can Hypnotherapy Help you Lose Weight?

The Seven Sins of Weight Loss

Most people bounce around from diet to diet, gaining more weight than they lose. There are seven deadly sins that most dieters commit that are bad for their diet and even worse for their long-term health:
1) Rushing from one fad diet to the other. This just puts your body into shock.
2) Depriving themselves of the things they love. This simply causes resentment and when you do finally indulge you end up eating the whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s instead of just the bowlful you might have before.

3) Exercise extremes. We sign up for the gym membership and either don’t go or overexert ourselves and run out of steam.
4) Focusing on their “weight problem.” There are people out there who will never be on the cover of Cosmo that turn our heads anyway. Why is that? They focus on their positive qualities until the rest falls into place.

5) Eating without purpose. Most of us pile our plates high and proceed to shovel every bit into our mouths. We were taught to finish our plates. Before eating have a portion in mind and fill your plate just that much.
6) Being afraid to say no. How many times have you eaten a fatty food or worse yet a second helping because you were afraid to hurt their feelings?

7) Eating on the run. No matter how many calorie charts they post, a McDonald’s happy meal will never be considered healthy eating. Again we are eating on automatic pilot.

How can Hypnosis Conquer the 7 Deadly Sins

Approximately 280,000 adult deaths in the United States each year are attributable to obesity and more than half of U.S. adults are overweight, according to the Weight Control Information Network.
Diet pills have come under scrutiny, for their potential health hazards. And exercise for many consists of raising the remote control up and down, as they flip stations. Many of us want to lose weight but can’t seem to master the discipline necessary to pass up the foods that we love.
That is where weight loss hypnosis can be of benefit. Instead of simply learning to control your body, it helps you master your mind. Our eating habits are learned behavior. It is like there is a recording in our minds that tells us that we must eat three meals a day, at a specific time. Or that when we are feeling down, a piece of chocolate cake or Ben and Jerry’s is an instant cure all.
Obviously this learned behavior is the cause of many other problems, including our tendency to become overweight. Hypnosis helps to replace your negative suggestions with positive ones. It has been used by thousands of people, over the world, for hundreds of years to take off weight and keep it off.
Weight Loss Hypnosis can:
1) Help you feel full faster
2) Help you crave healthy foods instead of junk food
3) Motivate you to exercise and actually enjoy it
4) Replace a negative self – image with a positive one
5) Transform the way you think, feel and behave around food
6)Get satisfied quickly with less food
and much, much more!
” Most people have a subconscious picture in their mind of their meal before it even hits the table. In order to feel satisfied, the subconscious picture must match the amount of food that they eat. Hypnosis can help change the initial subconscious picture, so that they can get satisfied quickly with less food,” says Master Hypnotist, Daniel Olson of Winter Park Florida.
Hypnosis has been used by top athletes and celebrities to help them reach their goals.
Remember once you change the way you think about yourself and food, the rest will begin to change automatically.
Hypnosis can be used to lose weight, gain confidence, achieve maximum motivation and much more. It is a powerful way to create long lasting changes.
As you listen, your brain and body are literally reprogrammed to lose weight.

Your Metabolism gets faster and your cravings just melt away.
You are never asked to change your diet. You just naturally feel like eating less.


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