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weight loss hypnosis orlandoWeight loss hypnosis Orlando is one of the more common reasons why a person would undergo hypnosis.  Hypnosis and weight loss have gone together for many years and helping a person successfully lose weight can easily happen in just one session.  As a hypnotherapist, you would need to understand the issues around weight loss and eating problems.  You would use your skills to accurately attack the mistakes of thinking that underlie the behaviors involved in becoming obese.

Hypnosis and weight loss are two things that few people have learned to put together well.  A good hypnotherapist will understand that some overweight individuals have issues with food addictions.  They are addicted to chocolate, sweets or fried foods—all things that are not healthy for you.  You, as a hypnotherapist, give suggestions such as “I no longer crave sweets” or “I will not like fast food restaurants” or “I do not like the taste of chocolate”.  If all goes well you can affect a change in just one session.

When you combine hypnosis and weight loss sessions, you also have to address the issue of appetite.  The client often perceives or has an appetite that exceeds their daily calorie requirement.  It is then that, once the client has gone through an induction and is deeply hypnotized, you begin to address the issue.  You may say things like “I have no desire to eat” or “I have no appetite”.  These are things that can specifically address the amount of food the person takes in, resulting in a nice weight loss.

In hypnosis and weight loss hypnotherapy sessions, you will also want to address the problem of poor self esteem of the individual.  They often feel fat, unworthy and unloved and this contributes to the progression of their disease.  It is important for the hypnotherapist to recognize that this is an important part of what makes an individual backslide and remain heavy.  In order to address such issues, the hypnotherapist might say some suggestions like “I am a worthy individual” or “I can be thin and be happy” or “I am a worthwhile individual”.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Orlando and here may be other issues related to hypnosis and weight loss that a hypnotherapist needs to address.  The individual may have certain times of the day when they are craving foods.  The hypnotherapist may have to give suggestions related to cravings in general or cravings at particular times of the day.  The individual may have problems once they start losing weight—unable to accept their new bodies and see themselves as thin.  The hypnotherapist may have to deal with issues of how the client sees themselves by giving them suggestions like “I am a thin person inside” or “I deserve to be thin” or “I am happier being thin”.  These statements help the client come to terms with their new body.

In some cases hypnosis and weight loss can last for just one session and be completely successful.  Other times, more than one session is called for in order to deal with some of the deeper issues of weight loss.  More reading

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