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Let an Orlando Hypnotist Help Your Fear of Flying

If you’ve never been to an Orlando hypnotist, you might be understandably reluctant to take that plunge for the first time. There are a lot of false rumors about what hypnotism entails, and this causes many people to doubt whether hypnotherapy can truly bring results. But once you try it for the first time, you might be astonished by how well it actually works. Among hypnotism’s many benefits is that it can cure people of phobias, including that all too common phobia that keeps many people from traveling—fear of flying.

How fear of flying develops

For most people with fear of flying, the phobia develops at an early age. It could have to do with a negative traveling experience you had in your formative years, or it could come from completely unrelated issues. For example, maybe an experience early in life caused you to develop a fear of small, enclosed spaces, or maybe you just don’t like not being in control.

However your fear first starts, it then gets worse through the dreaded cycle of anxiety. The first bout of phobia-fueled anxiety may hit you by surprise, but every time you enter that situation thereafter you’ll always have a memory of that first attack, and fear of another attack becomes just as crippling as the original fear. In other words, fear of flying is more than just a fear of airplanes; it’s also a fear of fear itself.

After several bouts of fear of flying, this cycle can be so powerful that you may feel anxious just thinking about getting on a plane. That’s where your Orlando hypnotist comes in. The patterns that lead to phobias are deeply rooted in the mind, and it takes unusual tactics to change these patterns. Where even psychiatry fails, hypnosis can cut right down to the problem and make changes incredibly fast.

How hypnotism works

While hypnotism seems strange to many people, it’s actually not that difficult to understand. Think of it this way: every profound psychological change must result from a change to the unconscious patterns that govern our thoughts and actions. We can’t get down to this level of thought simply by talking or even by thinking really hard. Hypnosis, however, cuts through the upper reaches of the mind and changes the unconscious patterns of thought.

So it’s not that complicated after all. Your fear of flying exists completely within the mind, and it is within your power to make it stop. Hypnotism makes this possible by bringing you to a heightened state of focus where you can, for a brief period at least, make changes to your unconscious patterns. A change that may take years under normal circumstances takes just a few sessions with hypnosis.

Even when they understand how hypnotism works, many people are still reluctant to get started because they’re worried about whether it will be effective. But you will never know until you try, so it can’t hurt to attend at least a few sessions with an Orlando hypnotist.

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